Company Events



Started business at Qinghe 1st street and developed private business, our main business was packing material of moon cake. Later, Beijing DingDingLi Trade Company was founded, our main business changed to food raw material sales.


5th January 1998 

Renamed our company to Beijing DingDingLi Trade Co., Ltd and moved to Qinghe south town. We established the service concept of “People-oriented, Customer-oriented, Based on baking, Serve to baking ”. Later, Qinghe Branch was established.


25th May 1998          

The first baking products conference was held in Beijing Huangyuan Hotel, it was a great success and helped us win the dealership of five famous companies: Puratos, U.S. Qiaojin, YUNGCHENG, COFCO PANGTHAI, Guangzhou Aote. Our company started to enter high-end market.



Our company gained dealership of two famous brand in Asia: NAMCHOW and LAMSOON. Since then, the company have had a full range of high-end baking materials.



Along with Beijing’s successful bid in the Olympic Games, our company moved to Changmaorongchang.


April 2003          

Daxing Branch was established in the south part of Beijing. Since then, our business has covered Beijing famous baking companies. Our customers included: Yili, Wedomé, AUSPICIOUS PHOENIX, Gong Yi Fu, Bimbo, Holiland, COFCO.


Summer 2003     

Company headquarters moved to Building1, Qingyuanli, Haidian District.


Late 2003      

Big event in baking industry: BreadTalk entered Beijing market, this opened a new era in China baking industry. With the rapid development of industry, company sales increased significantly.


May 2004     

Tongzhou Branch was established, our business extended to Hebei.



Our own warehouse and logistics center was established in Dongsanqi.


May 2008     

Xinfadi Branch was established to serve more customers.



Chaocan Branch was established, it mainly focused on large restaurant groups and supermarkets.


October 2008

Tianjin Branch was established, our business extended to Tianjin. Later, we cooperated with big companies in Tianjin baking industry, such as Jinleyuan, Daqiaodao and Wufuxidian.



Our company gained the dealership of Bakels, Lesaffre, Murray Goulburn, ANDROS, Fuji Oil, Nestlé, Adeka, developing international cooperation.


August 2010 

Daxing warehouse and logistic center were established, our company has built an independent warehouse and cold-chain logistics center with standard warehouse, three-dimensional storage rack, professional delivery team that covers Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.



Landmark of DingDingLi: crossed the line of 100 million in annual sales.  



Started to adjust product structure, cooperate with European companies, including Grands Moulins de Paris, Aromatic, Italmill etc.


March 2013  

Held 15 years anniversary, confirmed that Italy would be our next purchasing place.



Became the exclusive agency of Italmill in Greater China region, and decided to be the new strategic integrated service providers in baking industry.


April 2014          

Extended national market for Italian products, established circulation department that facing whole country.


May 2014

Took part in baking exhibitions and became the first distributor exhibitor. In Bakery China 2014, the giant Panettone made by Italian chef was very popular.



Started organization adjustment as strategic adjustment.


10th January 2015    

Our company held a conference launching Chinese bread: traditional regimen bread.


March 2016

Cooperating with China Food Industry Association, our company held the first technical training session, which sparked a flurry of soft European bread in China, traditional regimen bread entered national market.


May 2015     

Took part in Bakery China 2015, traditional regimen bread became a focus.


March 2016

Took part in HOTELEX Shanghai, first touch to hotel and catering market.


May 2016     

Took part in Bakery China 2016, our Italian style stand attracted almost 10,000 visitors in three days.